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WTL develops strategies, plans and solutions for the digital trans­for­mation of companies. We focus on ideation, conception and the develo­pment of new digital products and services. We bring business ideas to market regardless of the industry: with a mind for the matter at hand and a feeling for individual requirements.

We ensure innovative companies
a pole position in the digital future.

In our view, it is not enough to view digitiz­ation as the mere optimiz­ation of existing business processes since it does not provide companies with enough added value to be equipped for the real challenges of the digital age. That is why we look further, beyond the edges of our plates. Together with our customers we develop trend-setting digital concepts, products and services. We guarantee the quality of our work. Today and in the future. Because foresight means seeing through today and targeting tomorrow.


Case Studies

Laravel Platform Solutions


WTL Digitalberatung - Das Lebendige Haus: Guest Experience Plattform

Inventory Block­chain

A block­chain based solution for inventory management that supports distri­buted data storage and revisions.

WTL Softwareentwicklung - Reporting Plattform zur kontinuierlichen Qualitätssicherung im Automobilbau

Quality assurance for Automotive

A software platform that imple­ments  conti­nuous quality assurance in vehicle body manufacturing.

WTL Softwareentwicklung - "Poke Container App" schöne und funktionale Mobile-App zur Bestellung in den Streetfood-Stores der Poke Container GmbH

Cloud DMS „Vegas“

VEGAS is a cloud based document management system that supports multi tenants  and document based business processes.

Laravel Software Engineering

When developing software, we always keep in mind our customer’s goal of mapping business processes within a
defined business model. As the command center for process control, the platform is linked to the technical ecosystem. It provides the inter­faces for operating the business processes, which in turn are used by web appli­ca­tions, mobile apps or devices („Internet of Things“).

With this modular system archi­tecture, we give your digital business model a robust foundation. This enables us to quickly set up, monitor and, of course, adapt new business processes.



By using Laravel as a framework for appli­cation develo­pment, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to changing customer requirements.



The Laravel framework and its ever-growing ecosystem provide a solid foundation for enter­prise software and platforms.



With this state of the art PHP framework we are able to develop high perfor­mance software appli­ca­tions for our customers.


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